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Placement of Meckow Aquapur Unit in Angola

1st May 2009

Meckow International Ltd were approached by a South African company called Sun Power Limited, who had a project to supply safe, clean water to a rural village in Angola. The population of the village is approximately 250 people. This community was looking to have the facilities to produce about 1000 litres of water per hour. The village had an existing concrete water tower, borehole and petrol pump, due to circumstance this was not feasible as the supply of fuel for the pump was inconsistent. When we arrived the villagers were carrying water back from a nearby river to the village.

MECKOW Aquapur Unit mounted underneath storage reservoir

With our help the local community erected the MECKOW Aquapur unit utilising the existing 4 meter height of the water tower. To resolve the lack of fuel issue, solar panels were installed on top of the  water tower to provide electricity to power the new solar pump.  The borehole is approximately 70 meters deep and the pump delivers approximately 1000 litres per hour. The raw water flows by gravity from the concrete tower down through the MECKOW Aquapur purifier and into the storage tank, from here the water is  piped down into the centre of the village.

MECKOW Aquapur Unit showing solar panels to power borehole pump

This now means that this village has access to safe, clean, drinking water by turning on a tap which is situated in the centre of the village. The women and children are no longer hauling water from the river back to their houses.

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