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13th COMESA Heads of State Summit Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

25th June 2009

Meckow International Limited was invited to participate at the COMESA Heads of State Summit being held in Victoria Falls during June 2009. During this event we also had the opportunity to demonstrate how the MECKOW Aquapur Water Purification System works and what benefits the unit would bring to Africa.

The MECKOW Aquapur unit was installed on the Golf Course of Elephant Hills Hotel were the summit took place. The raw water from the Zambezi river, which is used for watering the fairways on the golf course due to its dirty condition, was piped up into the header tank of the unit and using the gravity that the one meter height of the header tank provided, the filtration process could begin.

Demonstration Unit

Demonstration MECKOW Aquapur Unit

The pre-requisite from COMESA was that the purified water had to be certified and meet the strict set by the Standards Authority of Zimbabwe (SAZ) as potable water. Samples were taken from the water purification system and sent to SAZ laboratories in Harare where they went through rigorous testing and the certification was awarded on both the microbiological and chemical analysis SAZS 560:1997.

During the course of the 10 day COMESA Summit the unit was on demonstration and numerous delegates sampled the end water produced.

Hon. A. Kimunya - Minister for Trade, Kenya and Mr. S. Karangizi - COMESA

Not only did everyone comment on the ease of operation and the high quality of the water produced by the MECKOW Aquapur Water Purification System but they could also see the huge impact these units would have on the health of communities which had the requirement for safe potable drinking water.


Hon. S.S. Nkomo - Minister of Water, Zimbabwe

After the opening of the Business Forum which took place prior to the Comesa Heads of State Summit there was the opportunity to meet with Zimbabwean Prime Minister Hon. M.R. Tsvangirai.

(from left to right)

Ambassador N. El-Hussainy, J. Kluckow (Meckow International), F. Dar, Prime Minister Hon. M.R. Tsvangirai,

Dr. A. Asfour, D. Nguyen-van-Houtte, Secretary General S. Ngwenya and D. Babbar

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