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Visit to Huruma Village, Nairobi, Kenya

2nd November 2009

Andrew Kluckow, Consultant for Meckow International Ltd was invited by Biobox (EA Ltd), at the request of the voluntary Community Association, "Friends of Karura Forest" working alongside the "Order of Malta" on a project to provide safe drinking water to the small village of Huruma on the edge of  the Karura Forest in Nairobi, Kenya. 

The visit would ascertain how the installation of  MECKOW Aquapur water purification units would supply the community of approximately 800 families totalling over 5000 people with safe drinking water. 

(Huruma, Nairobi, Kenya)

The women and children currently fetch water from a mains feed supplied by the City Council but this is approximately 2kms away from the village. The only route to this supply is through Karura Forest, which is very unsafe and home to local bandits. The Kenya Forest Service, along with local community leaders and other stakeholders, have a plan to open up the Karura Forest as an educational and recreational amenity, but the area would first have to be made safe and secure by the erection of a large fence.

This however, would mean that the villagers would no longer have access to their current water source, hence the reason for our involvement. An alternative would be to use the water from the river that runs along the bottom of the Huruma village, which is currently unfit for human consumption.  After carrying out water analysis it was discovered that the water contained e-coli, if the water was used for drinking in its current state there would be a severe threat to the villagers’ health.

(Source Water)

It was recommended that water from the river is pumped to a header tank on the high ground above the community and then gravity fed down to the MECKOW Aquapur units thus eliminating the bacteria and providing safe drinking water to the village. The purified water would then be piped into storage tanks to cater for peak periods.
OrderofmaltaThe Order of Malta (The Republic of Kenya) are pleased to be working with both the British High Commission and UN HABITAT on this project to provide clean, safe water for this community. Visit Website.
Through the revenue generated by its range of projects, iCare for Africa supports a number of disadvantaged communities in various ways. They are delighted to have received a very generous donation from the Foreign Aid Service of the British Association of The Sovereign Military Order of Malta for the purchase of a Meckow Aquapur Unit. Visit Website.

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