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The Little Water Girl

8th March 2010

Jane Kluckow of Meckow International Ltd travelled with Lindsay Jelley to Malawi to make a video of the MECKOW Aquapur unit that had been recently installed in the village of Malingunde.  Lindsay had never been to Africa and this is an excerpt taken from her diary of what she felt during the filming of this clip.



A young man working for the water board offered to take Jane Kluckow of Meckow International and I to a site where people drew water from the Dam. I started filming a young woman drawing water from a well it was hard gruelling work and the footage was good. Remember you can draw water from a well but if it is unclean it will still make you ill.

Lindsay Jelley filming for Meckow International

It was then that Jane called to me. She had stumbled upon a litttle girl going about her daily chores, she was running down the hill on her way to collect water. She took no notice of us, just got on with her task.

Little Water Girl on her way to collect water

There followed the most difficult piece of video I have ever taken. She was so careful washing out her container which was almost as big as she was.

Contaminated Water being collected for drinking


Then she filled it and hauled it back up the hill. She didn't take much notice of me, just looked at the camera with a look that I'll never forget because it was so matter of fact.

Little Water Girl returning home

I so wanted to help her but I knew the footage could be so powerful it might be the way to help her get clean water in the long term.

I could hardly see my little screen on the camera the sun was so strong all I could think was please let me be pointing it in the right direction and don't muck this up!
To view the video in full please click The Little Water Girl

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