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MECKOW Aquapur

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Demonstration of the MECKOW Aquapur to the US Military

15th April 2010

Meckow International Limited were invited to demonstrate the capabilities of the MECKOW Aquapur to the US Military for use in combat zones. The demonstration took place on the 7th March 2010 in Virginia, United States of America.

A number of water purification manufacturers were invited to take part, with most forms of purification being achieved by reverse osmosis or membrane technology.

The MECKOW Aquapur stood out from the other purifiers due to it having no requirement for power and its unique filtration process.

The trials took place over 10 days and the water produced by the MECKOW Aquapur attained the required standards set by the military scientists.

Alongside the quality of water produced the other areas being assessed were power requirements, capacity of production, serviceability and ease of installation.

The MECKOW Aquapur passed all parameters required.

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