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Demonstration of the MECKOW Aquapur Unit, Zimbabwe

22nd March 2010

At the request of the Minister of Water Resources, Development and Management of Zimbabwe, the Honourable S. S. Nkomo, the MECKOW Aquapur Water Purification Unit was set up for demonstration on a farm dam in Harare South.

Permanent Sectretary R. J. Chitsiko

The Demonstration took place on Monday 15th March 2010 and was attended by the Permament Secretary R. J. Chitsiko of the Ministry of Water Resources, Development and Management along with numerous representatives from other Ministries.

MECKOW Aquapur Demonstration

The Demonstration took place to show the ease of deployment and quality of water produced. Samples of both source water and purified water were taken and are currently under analysis.

Representatives from various ministries

As part of an educational programme highlighting the dangers of drinking contaminated water a presentation was made to the children of the local school “China Hope School”.

Children from the China Hope School

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