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Mexico Water Analysis Results

15th July 2010

On the 25th June 2010 the MECKOW Aquapur was taken to Rodrigo Gomez Dam in the Village of Santiago, Nuevo Leon outside the city of Monterrey, Mexico. The unit was installed ready for water analysis testing.

MECKOW Aquapur in place

MECKOW Aquapur in place at Presa de Boca, Santiago, Nuevo Leon.


MECKOW Aquapur Set up

MECKOW Aquapur at the site preparing for taking of water samples.

A local Independent Laboratory “FASIQ International S.A de C.V” was invited to come to the site and 3 water samples were taken:

1. Raw Dam Water
2. Chlorinated water from the MECKOW Aquapur unit
3. De-chlorinated water from the MECKOW Aquapur unit.

Taking Water Samples in Mexico

FASIQ International Laboratory Technicians taking water samples

These were taken back to the laboratory in Monterrey and full microbiological and chemical analysis took place.

The MECKOW Aquapur conformed to the Mexican Water Quality Standard testing against NOM-127SSA1-1994.

See below to review the full Water Analysis report.

If you would like to receive a full copy of the Water Analysis report please send us your details.

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