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MECKOW Aquapur Provides Safe Drinking Water following Devastation Caused by Hurricane Alex

8th July 2010

The devestation caused by Hurricane Alex which hit Monterrey, Mexico at the weekend continues to have repercussions within the surrounding communities. If there is no access to safe drinking water an outbreak of cholera and other waterborne diseases becomes a serious threat.

Devestation caused by Hurricane Alex

Flooding caused by Hurricane Alex

Devestation caused by Hurricane Alex

Devestation cuased by floodwaters showing damaged water main

It is well documented that after major disasters the number of reported cases of Cholera rises significantly due to the lack of access to safe drinking water. The MECKOW Aquapur will save lives as it removes the Cholera bacteria as well as e-coli, Salmonella and many other contaminants which will mean people drinking the water produced from this unit will not be susceptible to these common but serious bacteria that cause diseases.

The MECKOW Aquapur Water purification unit is currently being used in Monterrey, Mexico supplying the community with SAFE DRINKING WATER following the devastation caused by hurricane Alex.

Collecting Safe Drinking Water

Collecting Safe Drinking Water

The MECKOW Aquapur has been loaded onto a trailer so that the unit can be fully mobile to take it to areas within the communities with the highest threat of disease in order to supply safe drinking water.

Queueing for Safe Drinking Water

Queueing at the MECKOW Aquapur to collect Safe Drinking Water

(note: military guard deployed to keep order)

For many people this is the only source of SAFE drinking water since Hurricane Alex. The MECKOW Aquapur produces water at the rate of 1000 litres per hour. The MECKOW Aquapur is capable of producing sufficient water to support a community of up to 2,000 people with safe drinking water, which conforms to the National Standards of Mexico.

Collecting Safe Drinking Water

The MECKOW Aquapur WILL save lives by producing safe drinking water





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