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An Alternative use for the MECKOW Aquapur

22nd October 2010

Meckow International were approached by a company in Zimbabwe, with an unusual situation. Their abattoir situated on the outskirts of Harare was looking for a supply of safe water for the process of cleaning meat. The company was unable to rely on the safety and regular supply of municipal water, as well as a continuous supply of electricity, the dilemma was where to source safe water from, so that the meat produced complied with national quality regulations needed.

The Manyane River runs close to the abattoir and a decision was made to use this as the raw water source. Water was taken from the river and tested to check the levels of contaminates, the results showed that the water was contaminated with E.coli and Coliform bacteria. The report stated that “the unpurified water is unacceptable for human consumption by virtue of too high Total Viable Counts / bacterial count, the presence of Coliform and E.coli make it unsafe for use in areas where food is processed”

Meckow Aquapur  

The Meckow Aquapur was installed at the abattoir, with two header tanks and a large storage tank to give the maximum volume of water. Samples of the purified water were sent to the laboratory for testing, the results showed that the purified water had removed all the contaminates previously seen. This made the water suitable for human consumption and therefore perfect for cleaning the meat.

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