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Huruma Village, Kenya - Initial Concept

3rd December 2010

In October 2009 Meckow International were invited to pay a site visit to the Huruma Village, Nairobi, with a view of establishing how the local community could be provided with SAFE drinking water. At this time the community were collecting water from a point 1.5 kms away, the journey to the water point was unsafe and a number of woman and girls had been attacked and some raped.

Huruma Village

Huruma Village, Nairobi, Kenya.

Huruma Village is situated on the banks of a stream which flows all year round, this was to be the new water source. During the site visit along with members of the Community Council, donor NGO’s and our local business partner a rough plan for the project was drawn up and agreed.

Huruma Village, Kenya

Stream to be used as source water

                                       • To install a means of pumping the raw water from the stream
                                          to storage tanks within Huruma.
                                       • Using gravity the raw water is then piped down to three MECKOW
                                          Aquapur units situated at a central point within the village.
                                       • The purified water is then stored in three 5,000 lt. bulk storage tanks
                                          from which a number of water foists would be installed for water

This project is to provide up 6,000 people with SAFE drinking water and remove the risk of attack.

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