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Huruma Village - Construction Phase I

24th December 2010

Due to the constraint of no electricity within the community, it was necessary to use a pump that would be able to pump the water to the header tanks just utilising a head of water, this was achieved. To obtain the necessary head, a weir was constructed and the pumps installed below it. It was necessary to install three pumps which ensured sufficient volume of water, to meet the requirements of the community.


Weir being built to ensure the required head for the pumps.

The raw water is pumped to the header tanks situated on high ground above the village. From the header tanks the water flows by gravity to the MECKOW Aquapur units which produce safe drinking water without the use of electricity. To ensure constant SAFE drinking water is available for the community, bulk storage tanks are installed under the MECKOW Aquapur units, and the water is piped to water faucets for collection by the Huruma community.


Installation of Meckow Aquapur

Aquapur units being installed above bulk water storage tanks.



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