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Visit to Obagie, Edo State, Nigeria

12th December 2012

Visit to Obagie Village, Edo State, Nigeria.

During December 2012, Andrew Kluckow of Meckow International, carried out and inspection of the Project in Obagie village in Edo State, Nigeria. The Project was financed by a Major Corporate on their CSR Program and is ready to handed over to the community.


The rural village of Obagie is approximately a thirty minute drive outside of Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. Even though there is, mains electricity, this is very unreliable and expensive. Water was provided by a borehole which was powered by a small generator set this also proved unreliable as diesel to run the generator was not source locally. The pictures above show the village and the village school which is across the playing field from the MECKOW Aquapur installation. The picture below shows the existing water point prior to the redevelopment.

There was no means of purifying the raw water thus its safety as drinking water could not be assured, as well as this, there needed to be a sustainable means of supplying power to the submersible pump so as to ensure a continuous drinking water supply to the community. With these factors in mind it was agreed to install a MECKOW Aquapur water purification unit into the system and to provide power to the pump by installing Solar panels.


The picture on the left above, shows the redevelopment of the existing water tower with the installation of the MECKOW Aquapur as well as the structure of a canopy to hold the solar panels which would be used to provide power to pump the raw water from the borehole to the overhead storage tanks. The picture on the right above, shows the construction of the purified water storage base as well as the purified water collection point.


As can been seen by the pictures above the Project is complete and ready to be handed over to the community. In the picture on the left above, we see the water tower complete with solar panels forming the roof and MECKOW Aquapur installed. To the right of the control room are the purified water storage tanks with the drinking water collection taps mounted in the tiled wall.

In the picture on the right above, are Andrew Kluckow with the Obagie Village Chief, the project Sponsors Engineering team, members of BGV Nigeria as well as Mr. Lucky the Site Operator.

Our sincere thanks go out to all who have made this project a success.

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