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MECKOW Aquapur

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MECKOW Aquapur Technical FAQs

Can the MECKOW Aquapur remove Iron in water?

Yes, the advanced filter medium is designed to deal with Iron and Magnesium.

Can the MECKOW Aquapur remove arsenic?

Aquapur is able to remove Arsenic. Most commonly found heavy metals can be removed if in precipitate (i.e. not dissolved).

Can the MECKOW Aquapur remove Guinea Worm?


Can the MECKOW Aquapur remove Fluoride in water?

The system will remove fluoride if the fluoride in the water is combined with organic matter. If it is dissolved fluoride then the unit will not remove it.

Can the MECKOW Aquapur remove oil should the input water be contaminated?

If the input water is heavily contaminated with oil the Aquapur will not deal with it. If only a light film is on the water then this can be removed - with the need for more regular attention to the primary filters.

What is the maximum working pressure that MECKOW Aquapur can handle?

The unit can be connected to a mains water supply. The only alteration that will need to be made is the replacement of the low pressure seating in the ball valve as per the instructions in the Operator’s Manual. The maximum pressure should not exceed 5 bar (50m head).

How will the attachment of the MECKOW Aquapur to the mains supply effect the output?

There will be no substantial change in the volume of water treated when connected to the mains.

What levels of raw water turbidity can be treated by the MECKOW Aquapur?

If the water turbidity is high the primary filters will need to be changed to 75 and 25 microns respectively. If the turbidity is excessively high a settling tank will need to be in place before the water is received into the header tank. The header tank itself should have a mesh filter at the outlet.

Does the MECKOW Aquapur unit stabilise the water?

If by "stabilise" is meant the alteration of the pH because the water is too acidic this can be achieved by the inclusion of a limestone media unit at the water outlet stage. This unit requires a pump to provide a minimum pressure of 1 bar (10m head).

What type of chlorine is used in the MECKOW Aquapur and what do I ask for when I go to purchase some?

The type of Chlorine used is Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorine granules. This can be purchased from a local swimming pool supplier. If no local supply is available Meckow International Limited can supply.

How much chlorine (HCH) is needed in the MECKOW Aquapur?

1.4 litre volume of granulated chlorine (HCH).

How long will one metered unit of chlorine last in the MECKOW Aquapur?

122,000 litres (122 working hours).

What type and size of carbon should be used in the MECKOW Aquapur?

The Activated Carbon included in the unit is specified by us as mesh size PHO 4 x 8 0.05Ag Special which will give the optimum product for dechlorinisation of the filtered water and protection against bacteria build up. For a static, non-backwashed filter this is certainly the best choice. The particle size is the same as the USS Mesh 4.75mm x 2.36mm. No smaller particle size is necessary as we are not filtering the water, only removing residual chlorine. Having the Activated Carbon to this specification ensures an excellent flow rate, the removal of chlorine and sterilization of the filter.

How much activated carbon is used in the MECKOW Aquapur?


What is the approximate life cycle costing of the MECKOW Aquapur?

Approximately £50-£60 per annum depending on the water demand made. The unit produces 1000 litres per hour. On a 12 hour day basis alone the unit will produce 4.38 million litres of safe drinking water per annum.

Can water filtered through the MECKOW Aquapur be used to water plants and grass?

Yes, there will be no detrimental effect on plants or grass.

Latest News

20th Feb 2013

The hospital was built by Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) in 1998 and donated to the community. Water supply has been from the borehole drilled within the hospital complex.

15th Dec 2012

During December 2012 and inspection was carried out on the installation of the MECKOW Aquapur water purification unit at a private residential development in Lekkie, Lagos, Nigeria.

13th Dec 2012

During December 2012, Andrew Kluckow of Meckow International, carried out and inspection of the Project in Ovade village in Delta State, Nigeria. The Project was financed by a Major Corporate on their CSR Program and is ready to handed over to the community.