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MECKOW Aquapur

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MECKOW Aquapur General FAQs

How pure is the water provided by the MECKOW Aquapur?

  • Conforms to SANS 241 (South African Standards)
  • Conforms to SAZ 560 (Zimbabwe Standards)
  • Conforms to WHO Standards
  • The water stored in the MECKOW Aquapur is suitable for general purposes such as drinking, cooking and washing
  • Water drawn from the activated carbon outlet is very high quality drinking water
  • All bacteria e.g. E.coli, Cholera and Salmonella are removed from all water
  • Contaminants such as Cryptosperidium, Cysts, Turbidity, Lead and Arsenic are successfully removed by the filter process

What quantity of water does the MECKOW Aquapur regularly produce?

  • The MECKOW Aquapur produces water at the rate of 1000 litres per hour. This means that a single system running for ONLY 12 hours a day will produce 12,000 litres a day, 84,000 litres a week and just under 4.4 million litres a year
  • This amount of water is enough to satisfy the needs of a community of up to 2,000 people
  • If a greater amount of water is required, it is easy to install additional units to work in parallel
  • The storage compartment of the MECKOW Aquapur contains 680 litres of water for immediate use

Why does the MECKOW Aquapur require no electrical power for operation?

  • A MECKOW Aquapur system simply requires a 1 metre head of water for operation. Water may be taken from any existing source such as a pipeline or river/stream
  • If there is an existing contaminated mains supply, this can be connected directly into the unit providing safe clean drinking water
  • Bore hole water can be obtained by lift, solar, wind or electrical powered pumps

How easy is it to transport and install the MECKOW Aquapur systems?

  • The MECKOW Aquapur system is a stand alone unit which is easily transported, even to the most remote areas
  • The system is very compact, measuring 1.5 cubic metre and weighs approximately 200Kg. The unit is equipped with carrying handles
  • Each unit is easily installed in less than two hours in most cases requiring no specialist technical expertise

What is the cost and method of maintaining the MECKOW Aquapur?

  • The running cost per litre to produce safe clean drinking water is: 0.004 US cents
  • The system is very easily maintained, without specialist technical knowledge, by undertaking the following procedure:
    • Backwashing the main filter takes 20-30 minutes, and is required when the out flow of water is reduced. Frequency of backwashing is dependant on the level of contamination in the source water. On average this takes place approximately every four weeks but could be up to every three months
    • Removing and simply washing the two filters periodically
    • Replenishing the Chlorine in the metering unit, is required every 600,000 litres produced
    • Replacing the activated carbon filter approximately twice a year
  • All items which need to be replenished are readily available and easily installed
  • The main filter is maintained by backwashing and has a life expectancy of up to 25 years
  • The MECKOW Aquapur is manufactured to ISO 9001 - Standards

Latest News

20th Feb 2013

The hospital was built by Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) in 1998 and donated to the community. Water supply has been from the borehole drilled within the hospital complex.

15th Dec 2012

During December 2012 and inspection was carried out on the installation of the MECKOW Aquapur water purification unit at a private residential development in Lekkie, Lagos, Nigeria.

13th Dec 2012

During December 2012, Andrew Kluckow of Meckow International, carried out and inspection of the Project in Ovade village in Delta State, Nigeria. The Project was financed by a Major Corporate on their CSR Program and is ready to handed over to the community.