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MECKOW Aquapur

a simple solution
to a complex problem

About MECKOW Aquapur

Dirty Water

MECKOW Aquapur provides credible and tangible health benefits to rural and urban communities, yet provides minimal interference with their lives, thus honouring their cultures and environmental needs so they may prosper within their traditional environment.

MECKOW Aquapur is a unique water purification system which can transform contaminated water from almost any non-saline source into safe, clean drinking water. There are two tapped outlets, one for safe clean drinking water. The second can be utilised for hygiene purposes, such as hand washing to help prevent the possible spread of diseases. It requires no electricity for the filtration process and produces 1000 litres of safe clean water per hour. Eliminating diseases and sufficient to supply up to 2000 people per day, with safe clean drinking water, therefore ideal for communities in the developing World.

The MECKOW Aquapur can be installed using local labour and materials. It requires no specialist skills for installation and routine maintenance therefore encouraging local involvement and giving the community a sense of ownership once the project is complete. A community co-operative can take responsibility for the general maintenance of the unit.

Latest News

20th Feb 2013

The hospital was built by Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) in 1998 and donated to the community. Water supply has been from the borehole drilled within the hospital complex.

15th Dec 2012

During December 2012 and inspection was carried out on the installation of the MECKOW Aquapur water purification unit at a private residential development in Lekkie, Lagos, Nigeria.

13th Dec 2012

During December 2012, Andrew Kluckow of Meckow International, carried out and inspection of the Project in Ovade village in Delta State, Nigeria. The Project was financed by a Major Corporate on their CSR Program and is ready to handed over to the community.