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Timeless Development, Lekkie, Lagos, Nigeria

15th December 2012

Installation at Timeless Developments, Lekkie, Lagos, Nigeria

Timeless Developments is a new privately built, self-contained residential development, consisting of 16 high quality apartments, leisure and recreation area. The complex is supplied water from a borehole within the property, the raw water is contaminated and not fit for human consumption.

With this problem the Developers were in need of a water purification system to supply potable water to the residents. Following a demonstration of the MECKOW Aquapur water purification unit it was decided that they had found the solution.

                      Raw water filters                                      Raw water in the header tank          

The raw water is delivered to the header tank, primary filtered and delivered by gravity to the MECKOW Aquapur for purification. The Due to the high content of organic material in the water it was necessary to place filter on the outlet of the header tank as seen above.

From the MECKOW Aquapur the water is gravity fed to a 30,000 litre underground storage tank before being pumped up into the high overhead tanks for delivery to the residential complex.

Input water and Output Water                                    The water towers

The picture on the right above shows the water tower erected for the header tank to feed the MECKOW Aquapur as well as the MECKOW Aquapur which can be seen just above the perimeter wall. The purified water is then gravity fed to an underground storage tank before being pumped up to the high tanks for delivery to the complex.

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